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Volume #1

Some secrets are best left to the shadows. But shadows have a mind of their own.

The ancient land of Quinaria teeters on the brink of war, as its most precious resource is unearthed and exploited. Three nations have maintained tenuous peace for centuries, but as the life-giving nevethium dwindles, rumors of an ancient evil long thought dead spread like wildfire.

Elaysia never wanted to lead. As the high chieftain’s only surviving heir, she’s thrust into a role that jeopardizes the already fragile peace. A deadly attack on the day of her induction strengthens her resolve—and her suspicion that her parents’ murders and these disturbing rumors are connected.


With newfound companions, she embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. But as they unravel layers of secrets, they find themselves in the clutches of a dictator whose unethical nevethium experimentation threatens to bring about a new world of terror and violence.

Elaysia and her allies could be all that stands between war and a dying world—if their conflicting ambitions don’t destroy them first.

Praise for Of Thieves and Shadows

"... one of the most incredible indie debuts I've had the pleasure of reading."
-Kris, The Fictional Escapist

"All in all, this was an incredibly gripping, exciting, and promising fantasy debut that just kept me turning the pages." 
-Esmay Rosalyne, Before We Go Blog, 

"...this did not feel like a debut novel, it felt more like a seasoned author adding another strong addition to her belt with an epic tale with great character work and incredible world building." 
-Michael, Wolfmantula

" epic - and at times, dark - adventure delivered through expertly crafted, beautiful prose."
-Jessica A. McMinn, dark fantasy author

"... everything epic fantasy should be. Evolved. Relevant. Aesthetically sound."
-Jessika Grewe Glover, fantasy author

"A gripping new high fantasy in a lavish and richly developed setting, populated with beings and races that turn the usual classic fantasy tropes on their heads..." 
-Luke Courtney, fantasy author

"Its epicness alone is up there with names like Tolkien, Eddings and Martin. A must read!"
-Ruth Miranda, dark fantasy author

"B.S.H. Garcia uses a deft touch to draw contemporary parallels of resource conflict and the exploitation of vulnerable communities by an imperial power." 
-Lily Heron, dark fantasy author

"This is story telling at its finest with adventure, action, romance, morally gray characters, and a strong female lead."
-Elin de Ruyter, historical fiction author

"Epic. Powerful. Thought-provoking. Thrilling. Extraordinary. Engaging. Raw. Unforgettable. Unlike anything you've ever read."
-Elena Carter, fantasy author

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