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abdano {ahb-dah-no}- a Zelosi dish comprised of wild hog and pyanne.

Agaas {uh-gaas}- the capital of Neharem.

amma {ah-ma}- Zelosi word for “mother.”

anderberries- a sweet and salty berry that grows in the forest near the Apáasutai coastline. Commonly used in baking and for wines.

appa {ah-pa}- Zelosi word for “father.”

arkthanax {arc-thuh-nax}- an Az Zarian invention capable of performing the work of a hundred men, much faster, and with little to no breaks. Production includes textile weaving, mining, etc. 

arzok {ar-zock}- a nocturnal, flying mammal with sizeable fangs and forelimbs adapted as wings. Native to Zelos.

aspar {as-per}- the basic monetary unit of Az Zar, also commonly used in Orillon. Made from lyvium (see definition) and cast into coins of varying size and shape to denote value. 

awskada {aw-ska-duh}- the Zelosi word for a person, most often a woman, who professes or is supposed to practice magic or sorcery. Also used in Az Zar. 

backhander- someone for hire, usually for dangerous and/or illegitimate work, such as brute force, smuggling, bodyguarding, assassinating, etc.

belzaith {bell-zay-uth}- the Hispen word for “underworld spirit.” Also, the name of Grokhion’s ax.

Beridian Moonlight- a strong, sweet, fortified wine made from a rare fruit and a potent plant native to the Beridian Isles. It is highly alcoholic yet surprisingly palatable, and the secret plant added during fermentation creates a unique high for the consumer. (Also just called Moonlight). 

blue fever- a disease caused by nutrition deficiencies and characterized by swollen, bleeding gums, raging fevers, and the opening of previously healed wounds. Common to pirates and seafarers. 

Bongaiyo {bong-eye-oh}- believed by many cultures to be the mother of all stormbirds; also a constellation used for navigation made up of ten stars that form the rudimentary shape of a stormbird. Contains the south star, Elonias.

bretata {bray-tah-ta}- Zelosi word for “brother.”

bugana {boo-gah-nuh}- a fibrous, stalky plant sacred to the Zelosi people. It is often harvested for its sugar and used in cooking or distilled into kolaash. Its stalks can also be dried out and hardened for building materials and tableware.

Cadar {cay-dar}- the capital of Az Zar.

Caman {cay-men}- immortal beings loyal to Mavet. Depending on one’s belief system, they are said to be angels, demons, or myth. 

Chai’Tik {shy-teek}- a goddess of great power, she is revered, demonized, or considered farce, depending on one’s belief system. Also called The Daughter. 

deathdrop- a carnivorous plant that lures bugs and small birds to it by posing as if it has dew, when the little orbs are, in fact, sticky and poisonous. Native to Zelos. 

deathstalker- giant insects equipped with stingers that release a deadly venom. One of the three orders of The Great Beasts of Old.

Dzro Jiazin {zhro-jye-zin}- an Az Zarian holiday celebrating the foundation of Az Zar. (also called The Cleansing).

dzvadra {zhvah-dra}- the Zarith word for “deathstalker.”

edoja {ee-doh-juh}- the Nyrinian word for “father.”

Elonias {ee-lon-eye-uhs}- the south star, part of the Bongaiyo constellation.

endei {en-dye}- an Apáasutai word for “a bad omen.”

Eskos {ess-kohs}- the smallest island of Zelos.

eudna {yood-nuh}- the Zarith word for “father.”

eumma {yuum-muh}- the Zarith word for “mother.”

Everworld- an eternal paradise that is key to the belief system of some tribes and peoples.

Feasting Moons- summer. Contains the months Gryphar, sub-Gryphar, and Phoenal.

Gathering Moons- fall. Contains the months sub-Phoenal, Mavalar, and sub-Mavalar.

gidmörni tree {gid-meeorn-ee}- a species of tree that grows on the cliffs of the western Neharem coastline and produces rare blossoms that provide extreme clarity when consumed.

Great Beasts of Old- the first of the beasts, wise as the Vysilliam (see definition) and blessed with long life and special abilities. Includes stormbirds, seaserpents, and deathstalkers.

groundshakes- a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the land’s crust or volcanic action.

gwanei {gwah-nay}- small, bipedal, carnivorous reptiles that travel in packs of thirty to fifty, using their razor beaks and toothed tongues to take down larger prey. Native to Zelos. 

hal-eudna {haal-yood-nuh}- the Zarith word for “grandfather.”

Haeshol {hay-sholl}- a torturous, eternal holding place that is key to the belief system of some tribes and peoples.

helgin {hell-gin}- a monstrous boar with four tusks.

highborn- a term used to describe persons belonging to Az Zar’s elite class. 

Hispen {hiss-pen}- the official language of The Beridian Isles. 

hoksanu {hoke-saw-noo}- an ancient Neharem tradition allowing one to challenge a chief or the high chieftain for the right to lead. It consists of two to three trials between the leader and the challenger.

Khiev-Tatamic {khey-ev-ta-tah-mec}- the first god, the creator or discoverer of the world, he is revered, demonized, or considered farce based on the belief system of the character.

kinawa {key-naw-wah}- a stout, aromatic, erect annual herb native to Neharem. When smoked, its leaves release a psychoactive substance. It’s believed to have therapeutic properties and enlighten one’s mind.

kolaash {koh-lah-sh}- an alcoholic liquor distilled from bugana and sweetened with pyanne.

kuba {koob-uh}- a nutrient-dense grain native to Az Zar. It has a nutty aroma and is most often steamed.

kuza {koo-zuh}- private military used by the great houses in Orillon.

lightbursts- contraptions that light up the sky with bursts of greenish-yellow light for celebrations. Commonly found in Az Zar and Orillon.

living trees- giant trees found in northwestern Neharem. The citizens of Agaas live in them, and they are nurtured by large nevethium (see definition) crystals referred to as “hearts.”

love-giver- a person who engages in sexual activity for payment. Commonly found in Orillon and considered an honorable profession, unlike the whores of Az Zar who are often slaves.

lyda {lye-duh}- the Nyrinian word for “demon.”

lyvium {lye-vee-um}- native to Az Zar, it is stronger than any other metal, yet light and flexible, making it ideal for weapons. 

Mavet {mah-vet}- a god of great power, he is revered, demonized, or considered farce, depending on one’s belief system. Also called The Son.

Mavism {mah-viz-um}- the official religion of Az Zar, it contains rigid practices surrounding penance and the giving of one’s self to Mavet, the savior, and the government. 

mizol {mye-zoll}- a crustacean that produces a fluorescent, waterproof ink.

moon cycle- roughly a month’s time on Quorath. 

Munskahan {moon-ska-haan}- the capital of Orillon. 

Myremese {meer-rem-eez}- a lost language once spoken by the myrem and retained by a handful of scholars.


nazrath- giants descended of the nyrian bloodline. 

nevethium {nuh-veth-ee-um}- radiant green crystals whose absence, when overharvested and misused, renders the surrounding land inhospitable. Also referred to as “the heart of Quinaria.” 

Novitae {no-vee-tay}- a Neharem holiday celebrating the story of creation. 

Nyrinian {nee-rin-ee-in}- the ancient tongue once spoken by all nyrians is the official language of Agaas. It is also spoken by upper-class citizens in Az Zar who choose to honor the ancient ways.

nytak {nigh-tack}- a deer-like creature native to Neharem with scaled hooves and a long, furry tail.

pocoaon tree {poh-co-uhn}- a tree species found throughout Quinaria in generally cool areas. Most grow near rivers, lakes, or swamps, and have limber, dangling branches.

populum {pop-yoo-lum}- a hallucination-inducing root native to Orillon. 

Prophets, the- a sacred order coinciding with Az Zar’s foundation. They studied the natural world, kept records, explored alternate histories, and some believe they learned the powers of gods.

Prophets’ Scrolls, the- parchments containing years of research, history, and philosophy, penned by the Prophets. Rumored to contain magic spells unlocking the power of gods. 

pyanne {pigh-ann}- an acidic fruit with sugary and spicy notes, used in both sweet and savory cooking. Native to Zelos.

Quinaria {quee-narr-ee-uh}- the central landmass on which the story unfolds. Includes Neharem, Az Zar, and Orillon. See map for details.

Quorath {cor-rath}- the planet in which Quinaria resides. Includes all of the known and unknown world.

ravager bird {rav-uh-jer}- a carrion bird species with brilliant red feathers, found throughout Quinaria. 

Resting Moons- winter. Contains the months Onelar, sub-Onelar, Vynar, and sub-Vynar.

rujpati {roozh-pah-tee}- Az Zarian appointed government officials of Zelosi provinces.

ryptan {rip-tin}- a large avian-reptilian hybrid with feathers and scales. They rely on large talons and fangs to hunt and defend. Native to Neharem. 

sandcat- large felines with long fangs. Native to Az Zar.

seahawk- birds that are both aerial and aquatic. 

seaserpent- giant serpents that live in the sea. One of the three orders of The Great Beasts of Old. 

sedare {suh-dare}- a mushroom native to Az Zar and known for its medicinal properties, specifically pain relief. 

seers {see-ers}- a contraption worn over the eyes to enhance poor eyesight. 

setata {say-tah-ta}- Zelosi word for “sister.”

Shaktari {shack-tar-ee}- a lost language once spoken by the shaktar and retained by a handful of scholars.

shieum {shee-um}- new weapons made of lyvium and nevethium that launch far deadlier projectiles than arrows and make a booming sound when used. (Also called thunder-makers).

siren- a nocturnal bird known for its eerily human/nyrian sounding music and its shimmering midnight blue feathers. Native to Zelos, but also found on the islands inhabited by the Yustano people. 

skirvin {sker-vin}- large, vicious rodents with poisonous, sharp spines and impeccable hearing. Native to Az Zar and commonly found in large cities like Cadar and Or Zahal where they can burrow under homes, in tunnels, and crypts. 

sleepstalk- a root native to Zelos that can induce sleep or render one unconscious. Too much can result in a painless death.

snatcher- a thief. 

Sowing Moons- spring. Contains the months Chailar, sub-Chailar, Tiknal, and sub-Tiknal.

spirit walkers- angels or demons, or lesser gods and goddesses, depending on one’s belief system. 

starflies- Zelosi word for a winged, soft-bodied beetle with luminescent organs. 

stormbird- giant birds of prey capable of manipulating/channeling the weather. One of the three orders of The Great Beasts of Old. 

Stormrider- an individual who has bonded with a stormbird and gained the privilege of approaching it, maintaining physical and emotional contact, and riding on its back. 

sun-blood tree- a species of tree found in Az Zar that produces small, tangy citrus fruits. They have vibrant crimson blossoms and are found in much of Az Zar’s architecture and general imagery. 

terredon {tehr-eh-dawn}- a flowering plant whose rhizome is widely used as a spice. Native to Zelos and Az Zar. 

toi {toy}- a fermented plant drink with fruity undertones common among the southern tribes of Neharem. 

Tongura {tahn-goo-ruh}- the largest village on the main island of Zelos.

tulek bear {too-lek}- giant bears of the north.

tungata root {toon-gah-tuh}- an earthy root located in northern Neharem that is often ground up into a powder and put in teas for energy.

tuross {ter-ross}- flying lizards bred from ancient times when messages needed to transcend water, land, and sky. They are still a primary form of long-distance communication.

Vysilliam {vye-sill-ee-um}- believed by some to be the three original races of Quinaria comprising a trinity of beings suited for sky, water, and land. Includes the shaktar, myrem, and nyrians.

watcher- someone who helps patrol or guard in Neharem. 

water dancer- a short-lived, slender insect with delicate, transparent wings and two or three long filaments on the tail.

Westmun {west-mun}- the official language of Orillon. 

yasaaka {yuh-sah-kuh}- a small paddle boat/board used by Zelosi locals to fish and for easy travel around and between islands. 
zaka-zaka {zah-kuh-zah-kuh}- a large marsupial serving as the primary form of transportation in Orillon deserts. 

Zarith {zare-rith}- the official language of Az Zar.

Zelos {zell-ohs}- a collection of islands off the southwestern coast of Az Zar.

Zelosi {zell-oh-see}- referring to the various peoples inhabiting, and dialects spoken on, the islands of Zelos.

zidel tree {zai-dell}- a tree with an angular crown and erratic branches with large, fanned leaves. Its bark is often consumed or smoked for its clarity benefits and general feel-good sensations. Found in Zelos and southern Az Zar.

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