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We are all storytellers.

For some, it manifests through phone calls to friends or alcohol-infused boasting on a Friday night. To others, it means filling a canvas or baking an old family recipe. For me, storytelling is escapism, my form of self-expression, and the best way to understand this crazy world.

My passion for stories grew from orchestrating backyard epics with my siblings and summer after summer of library reading contests. After years of writing courses, short stories, a degree in English Writing from the University of Colorado, and some freelance work, I started Lost Relic Publishing in 2022 to release my debut novel, OF THIEVES AND SHADOWS, in 2023. It is the first installment of The Heart of Quinaria, an epic fantasy series with at least four books and four novellas/novelettes planned. 

When I’m not writing SFF stories or fantasizing/cosplaying/reading about someone else’s, you can find me exploring Oregon’s beauty with my family or cooking up a storm–both often accompanied by wine.

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