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From the Depths
Volume #0.6

The world can sustain the needs of many, but the greed of a few can destroy it for all.

In a life steeped in peril, the Brune family has thrived on the knife’s edge. Renowned for their smuggling and bounty exploits, Konar and Karliah’s parents command both respect and fear. Comfortable yet haunted, the family faces the constant threat of perilous assignments, leaving scars that even a parent’s protective embrace can’t heal.

Still, Konar dreams of scholarly pursuits, and Karliah sees the world as something ripe for the taking. When the emperor dangles an irresistible offer—a job to end their dangerous pursuits forever—the Brunes seize the chance. But there’s a catch: the item in question is little more than a myth, deemed impossible to find.

As the family embarks on the voyage of a lifetime, their bonds are tested like never before. Locating and securing the prize will require sacrifices beyond measure, and when your family is in the business of pirating, trust is the greatest myth of all.

From the Depths is a prequel novella that takes place roughly a thousand years prior to the events in Of Thieves and Shadows—volume one in the epic fantasy series, The Heart of Quinaria."


Out Now!(Kindle/KU, paperback,

and hardback)

Praise for From the Depths

"It’s equal parts exciting and profound, filled with pulse-pounding seafaring action, poignant conversations, and heavy emotional gut punches that will make this story linger on in your mind for days to come."

-Esmay Rosalyne, Before We Go Blog


"... with not so many pages, Garcia manages to establish a deep connection between those characters, and creating a dynamic between both that certainly reflects how a pair of siblings behave in real life; portraying how that bond is one of the strongest you can experiment."

-Jamedi, JamReads

"In keeping with the primary series, the scope of Quinaria's lore and history is as broad as Tolkien's Middle Earth, told through prose that is as eloquent as it is engaging."

-Jessica A. McMinn, dark fantasy author

"Nuanced characters with layered depth, unparalleled worldbuilding woven seamlessly into the narrative, and a masterful immersive writing style that is both perfectly paced and visually evocative."

-Kaylea Prime, Fantasy author

"This pulled at my heart with the ending. I will be reading it again before I read book 1 again to prepare for Of Love and Loss."

-Lindsey Reads Books

"And here I was thinking only Stephen King could write childhood and pre-teens with any sort of magical mastery, but enter B.S.H. Garcia and BAM! She's right up there with him, have no doubts."

-Ruth Miranda, dark fantasy author

"There wasn’t a single moment when I wasn’t enjoying myself.... From the Depths is evocative of what it means to be family, the struggles of being a parent in wartime and the quest to be a good son or daughter."

-Joel, Goodreads reviewer

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