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The Inhabitants of Quinaria

The Tribes of Neharem


Agaas {uh-gahs}: the capital of Neharem was founded long after the tribes evolved and was key in unifying them—located in Apáasutai territory


  • Elaysia {ee-lay-zhuh}: nyman. Surviving heir to the high chieftain and recently inducted leader of the twelve tribes of Neharem.

  • Konar {ko-nar}: nyrian. High elder of Neharem and acting high chieftain until Elaysia came of age. Co-guardian of Elaysia after the death of her parents.

  • Jakki {juh-key}: nyrian. Close friend of Elaysia’s and next in line to become chief of the Yustano.

  • Maseeya {ma-see-uh}: human. Once a handmaid to Annalee, Elaysia’s mother, she now oversees food acquisition and distribution in Agaas. Co-guardian to Elaysia.

  • Zavik {zav-ick}: human. A refugee from Orillon, he is a dear friend of Elaysia’s and apprenticed to Konar to become a high elder.

  • Lumira {loo-meer-uh}: beridian. A mercenary with no ties who finds herself seeking work of the unethical sort in Neharem.

  • Elishon {ee-lye-shun}—(deceased): nyrian. Father of Elaysia and former high chieftain of Neharem.

  • Annalee {ann-uh-lee}—(deceased): human. Mother of Elaysia and former citizen of Az Zar.

  • Annonitus {an-non-eye-tis}—(deceased): nyman. Elder brother of Elaysia.

  • High Elder Strong-spear: nyrian: The eldest of the three high elders overseeing Agaas and Neharem alongside the high chieftain.

  • High Elder Sower {so-er}: human. The youngest of the three high elders overseeing Agaas and Neharem alongside the high chieftain.

  • Kayrune {kay-roon}—(deceased): nyrian. Son of Konar.


Apáasutai {ah-paw-soo-tie}: a medium-sized tribe occupying the forests on the west coast, the Apáasutai are known for their hunting skills and bold-colored artforms.


  • Yerakai {yer-uh-kye}: nyrian. A skilled tracker and well-respected among his people with close ties to Elaysia and Konar.

  • Arkuun {ar-koon}: nyrian. Chief of the Apáasutai.


Atsukut {at-soo-cuut}: a small-sized tribe in the north, the Atsukut are said to have giants’ blood giving them larger statures.


Banaxa {buh-nox-uh}: the largest tribe in Neharem known for their predominantly human population, they occupy a large plains territory.


Daruk {duh-ruuk}: known for their fierce warriors and inclination toward farming, this small northern tribe shares a border with the formidable Skulmor.


  • Jörd {yerd}: human. One of the Daruk’s best warriors.

  • Gibrund {jib-rund}: nyrian. Chief of the Daruk.


Kahaloán {kah-huh-low-uhn}: a small coastal tribe reliant on fishing and weaving textiles for trade.


  • Raenais {ruh-nayz}: nyrian. Chief of the Kahaloán.


Lautei {l-ow-tay}: second only to the Banaxa in population and to the Atsukut in stature, they have a history of aggression and were the last to join Agaas in a united Neharem.


  • Rajar {ruh-zhar}: nyrian. Chief of the Lautei.


Moákun {mo-ah-kun}: a coastal tribe key to Neharem’s trade alliance with Az Zar, they are skilled seafarers and boat-builders.


  • Mardus {mar-dus}: human. Son of the chief and frequent envoy to Agaas.

  • Orandus {oh-ran-dus}: human. Chief of the Moákun and father of Mardus.


Moatiwe {mo-ah-tee-way}: exclusively nyrian, they are known for their ice-white eyes and aloof, taciturn natures.


  • Unleto {uhn-leht-o}: nyrian. A warrior.

  • Eeshta {ee-shta}: nyrian. A warrior.


Morotôk {mo-roh-toke}: the smallest and northernmost tribe is comprised of hard-working individuals well acclimated to harsh weather and scarce resources.


  • Amkah {ahm-kah}: human. Chief of the Morotôk.


Ni’anko {nee-on-koh}: pacifist and philosophical, this west coast tribe welcomes anyone who honors their ways, native or not.


  • Grokhion {grow-key-uhn}: beridian. A transplant from The Beridian Isles who keeps his past shrouded.

  • Kelsia {kel-see-uh}: nyrian. Chief of the Ni’anko.


Tangeesh {tang-eesh}: the southernmost tribe has merged the neighboring nation of Orillon’s lifestyle with their own, including interbreeding with them.


  • Anahi {uh-naw-hee}: human. An Orillon native, she’s lived amongst the Tangeesh trading for several years.



Yustano {yoo-stahn-oh}: located on an island just off the southeastern coast of Neharem, they cultivate rare crops and place great value in artistic expression.



  • Jattai {juh-tye}: nyrian. Chief of the Yustano and mother of Jakki.



Neighboring Nations


Orillon {oh-rill-uhn}: a short sail from Neharem, Orillon revels in luxury and consists of small oases scattered amid a desert landscape.


  • Lanston {lan-stun}: human. A successful merchant working in Orillon’s capital, Munskahan.

  • T’Vak {t-vaak}: human. A backhander for hire.


Az Zar {Uhz-zar}: an empire with a long and bloody history, Az Zar boasts the strongest army in Quinaria.


  • Davier {daav-ee-air}: human. A decorated captain in the All-Sovereign’s army.

  • Xaren {zah-ren}: human. A soldier in the All-Sovereign’s army.

  • The All-Sovereign: nyrian. The supreme ruler of Az Zar and believed by many to be a god.

  • The Lord Priestess: nyrian. The head of the Mavist order and right hand to the All-Sovereign.

  • Dalgus {dal-gus}: nyrian. Servant to the All-Sovereign.

  • Zhia {zee-uh}: nyrian. A decorated general in the All-Sovereign’s army.

  • Xianna {zee-ah-na}: human. Davier’s sister, a girl of six.

  • Kiska {kiss-kah}: human. Davier’s sister, a girl of ten.

  • Dynah {dye-nah}: human. Davier’s sister, a girl of fifteen.

  • Kyreena {kye-ree-na}: human. Davier’s mother.

  • Davkahl {daav-call}: human. Davier’s father, a war veteran.

  • Rykahl {rye-call}: nyrian. A part of the ruling line of Zal Drusa. Next in line to become the emperor of Az Zar.

  • Karliah {kar-lye-uh}: nyrian. Advisor to Rykahl.

  • Ryman {rye-mun}: nyrian. A part of the ruling line of Zal Drusa. Son of Rykahl.

  • Ireena {eye-ree-na}—(deceased): nyrian. Wife of Rykahl.

  • Ashaat the Victor {uh-shaat}—(deceased): nyrian. The first emperor of Az Zar and ancestor of House Zal Drusa.

  • Igtheos {ig-thee-ohs}—(deceased): nyrian. The leader of the ancient Nyzarian rebellion and co-founder of Agaas.


The Beridian Isles (The Isles): home to the fierce beridians, a mighty seafaring people who prefer minimal contact with the mainlanders of Quinaria.


  • Lumira: beridian. (See under Agaas).

  • Grokhion: beridian. (See under Ni’anko).


Other Important Figures




  • Onitus {o-nigh-tus}: Largest of the males, reserved in demeanor but fiercely loyal and impulsive. Bonded to Elaysia.

  • Anadu {uh-nah-doo}: Second only in size to Siren, she’s the boldest of the bunch. Bonded with Lumira.

  • Siren {sigh-ren}: The largest of the stormbirds, she’s standoffish around outsiders and prone to aggression. Bonded to Jakki.

  • Wind Chaser: Per his namesake, he’s the fastest and quite intelligent. Bonded to Yerakai.

  • Shadow: The smallest of the bunch, he’s unnoticed (as stormbirds go) and sleek. Bonded to Xaren.

  • Keera {key-ruh}: Looks intimidating but she’s actually the kindest of the birds. Bonded to Mardus.

  • Corvax: He’s an excellent judge of character with a strong memory. Bonded to Anahi.

  • Roth: He’s the wisest and not easily triggered but will do anything to protect his own. Bonded to Grokhion.




  • Khiev-Tatamic {khey-ev-ta-tah-mec}: The great Creator. Commonly worshiped in Neharem.

  • Mavet/The Son {mah-vet}: The son of Khiev-Tatamic. Worshiped in Az Zar, demonized in Neharem.

  • Chai’Tik/The Daughter {shy-teek}: The daughter of Khiev-Tatamic. Worshiped in Neharem, demonized in Az Zar.

  • Rayanti {ray-ahn-tee}: The god of war. Worshiped by the Lautei.

  • Itaso {ee-taas-oh}: The mother of water. Worshiped by the Yustano.

  • Minara {mee-nar-uh}: The goddess of love. Worshiped by the Kahaloán.

  • Rash-Yaanah {raash-yah-nuh}: The god of the harvest. Worshiped by the Daruk.

  • Moartea {mo-ar-tee}: The goddess of death. Worshiped by the Moatiwe.

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