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Of thieves and Shadows  & Two novellas are out now! Of Love and Loss is coming 08.27.2024.

All books are available in ebook, paperback, and hardback!
(OTAS & FTD are in Kindle Unlimited)


Page Travelers.

Thank you for stopping by on your journey through life.

Here you will find only the finest details regarding the fantasy worlds I've lost myself in, how to transport yourself to said worlds, and maybe, just maybe, the key to immortality. My debut novel, OF THIEVES AND SHADOWS, is the first installment of my adult epic fantasy series, THE HEART OF QUINARIA. You can grab a prequel novelette, From the Ashes, for free by subscribing to my newsletter below. The second novella, From the Depths, just released, with book two in the series, Of Love and Loss, coming August 2024.


For more consistent musings on the life of a writer and nerd-centric rants, check out my social media links at the top of the page. I'm most active on Twitter (X) and IG.


Until next time,

May your sunrises always hold promise,

and may your sunsets always hold peace.

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